Bumpers are normally used as shockproof means of transport and self-propelled machines which may inadvertently run over the staff. Their job is to absorb the shock in case of a crushing incident, and to produce a signal for the immediate arrest of the machines (for example AGV). It consists of a block of foam shaped to the customer's design with embedded sensors. The safety bumper are compliant with EN 13856-3. The mats in combination with PS3 control module can reach the CAT 3 - PL “e” as indicated in the ISO 13849-1 standard.

Activation force 5-7kg
Zinc steel frame
Protection IP65


Mobile platform for airplane
Pallets wrap machinery
Large moving equipments
Automatic store

  • Zinc steel frame for fixing to the machine.
  • Aluminum plate to close the bumper and to attach the ribbons
  • Body on poliuretanic foam

  • External housing:
  • Standard with water proof tissue
  • Special with anti-flame to resist to melting metal

  • Colour black with oblique yellow lines on front
  • Embedded sensor
  • Activation force 5-7Kg
  • 4 wire cable out
  • Protection IP65
  • Working temperature 0-55°C
  • Actuating distance about 10-30mm (depending from dimensions)
  • Compression of the housing before contact closure occurs depending on depth of bumper.
  • Control unit PS3-AX