Level switches

The on-off level switches have been designed to control the level of liquids in tanks, silos and other similar applications. The device consists of a threaded shaft inside which a "reed" switch is housed, and a float with magnets.

When the level changes (maximum and minimum), the level switch transmits an electrical signal. These devices are miniaturized to be used in very narrow spaces and are provided with vertical and horizontal installations with reversible contact from NO to NC. They are used in industrial applications where a reliable product is required with a truly competitive quality / price ratio.

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Hydraulic machines
Hydraulic power units
Washing plants
Automotive industry
Motorcycle industry

  • Flange or fixing nut in aluminum
  • Rod (in various sizes) in brass - AISI or plastic
  • Floating in NBR resin
  • Working voltage 100/300 Vcc/ca max
  • Working current 0,5 A cc/ca max