The edges are pressure sensitive devices designed to protect both personnel and equipment in industrial environments. They are in a range of different profiles and sensitivities to suit various applications. The construction of the sensing edge is based on a continuous length of ribbon encased in a durable housing material. The housing material is EPDM or NBR. The safety edges are compliant with EN 13856-2. The edges in combination with PS3 control module can reach the CAT 3 - PL “e” as indicated in the ISO 13849-1 standard.

To choose the right bump switch for the application required, consider the following three characteristics, which define performance:

  • Actuating force of the rubber before the contact clousere
  • Activation of the contact by further pressure
  • Overtravel distance after the contact clousure.
  • Working temperature -10° +65°C
    Protection IP56 and IP65


    Automatic store
    Robotics area
    Doors and industrial gates
    Conveyor systems
    Operating table
    General automation

  • Working temperature -10° +65°C
  • Protection IP56 and IP65
  • Working voltage (MAX) 32Vdc
  • Working current 1A
  • Material NBR or EPDM

  • For more details, please refer to the data sheets in the download section.

    Flat guide model GUI-300/P.
    Alluminium flat guide model GR306 and GR316.

    Flat guide model GUI-500/P.
    Alluminium flat guide model GR503.

    Corner guide model GUI-500/A.
    Alluminium corner guide GR503.

    Flat guide model GUI-700/P.
    Alluminium flat guide model GR747, GR748, GR757.

    Corner guide model GUI-700/A.
    Alluminium corner guide GR747, GR748, GR757.

    Plastic guide for curved edges model BS-3
    Plastic flat guide model GR503, GR747, GR748, GR757.

    Control unit PS3-AX

    GR 306

    GR 316

    GR 503

    GR 747

    GR 748

    GR 757