The mats are a product of high quality encapsulated between two layers of vinyl resin, with special additives in carbon to give greater abrasion resistance, to ensure an IP65 sealing and high resistance to external agents such as water, oils, mineral salts, acids, dust. They are very resistant to shock, vibration and flammability (they are self-extinguishing). The safety mats are compliant with EN 13856-1. The mats in combination with PS3 control module can reach the CAT 3 - PL “e” as indicated in the ISO 13849-1 standard.

Thickness 9mm
Weight 12kg/m2
Response time 60ms


Automatic store
Conveyor systems
Wood machinery
Assembly lines
Mobile escalator
Robotics area

  • Maximum dimension for single mat 1500 x 2500mm
  • Top tickness black PVC 4mm
  • Bottom tickness black PVC 2mm
  • Thickness 9mm
  • Weight 12 Kg/m 2
  • Activation force test rod diametro 80mm 25Kg
  • Activation force test rod diameter 200mm 45Kg
  • Static load 60 Kg/cm 2
  • Dead zone 30 mm around out edge
  • Working temperature -10° a + 60°C
  • Protection IP65
  • B10d 3 milions of operations
  • Response time 60ms
  • Working voltage 32Vdc
  • Power consumation 100mA
  • Output contact N.O. four wire
  • Type GUI-TP1

    Mats profile TO MO 1-2-3

    Type GUI-TP2

    Mats profile TO 1-2-3

    Control unit PS3-AX

    Mats's manual