Ribbon switches

Ribbon switches are made of a special PVC sheath in which is housed the sensor element, which provides an electrical signal when any external crushing action is exerted on the board. A profile of aluminum plate completes the device for its attachment to the machine. These devices are designed to prevent injury to personnel against crushing by moving parts as sliding doors, gates, elevators plans etc. detecting an electrical contact via a control circuit.

These ribbon switches are a continuous NO contact. The safety 4 wire ribbon in combination with PS3 control module can reach the CAT 3 - PL “e” as indicated in the ISO 13849-1 standard.

Protection IP 65
Material covering PVC
Operating life 3 milions of operations


For industrial safety
- switches of emergency on every type of machine;
- control on conveyors
For not industrial uses
- entry signallings for doors opening;
- alarms for banks
- drive chronometres trigger for swimming pools.

Electrical characteristics
  • Working voltage 32 Vcc/ca
  • Power consumption 1 A max
  • Dielectric resistance 500 V/cc
  • Electrical resistance 0,6 ohm/m
  • Working temperature -15 +60°C
  • Protection IP 65
  • Operating life 3 milions of operations
  • Material covering PVC
  • Typical weight 45 g/m

  • Chemical characteristics
  • Optimal resistance to:
  • Oil-petro-kerosene
  • Acid and alkaline
  • Alcohol
  • Tetracloride

  • Low resistance to:
  • Acetone-gasoline
  • ketone clorid-metilene

  • We also offer models for non safety application (only two wire).
    We also offer models for safety/no safety applications with 2wire and 8K2 terminal resistor.

    Alluminium profile

    Type 404

    Control unit PS3-AX